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 The Basic Soccer Drills

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Soccer is a game that comes down to one simple word: control. If you want to be able to dominate on field, then you need to be able to control not just the ball, but your body as well. A successful soccer player will make sure that his practice regime will include drills to help him do both.patriots super bowl rings

Ball control is an obvious need on the field. Drills that improve dribbling, passing, and shooting will help you take control in game time.

Dribbling is the most basic of skills, and can be practiced by running with the ball at your feet in a straight line. As you become more comfortable with the ball, you can set up series of cones and dribble the ball through them. More advanced players can get creative with the layout of the cones, creating challenging patterns to turn through while maintaining control of the ball.

Since soccer is a team sport, accurate passing is a critical skill to possess. The best way to practice passing with a teammate, and a basic exercise is the relay. Two players should stand at opposite ends of a field and pass the ball back and forth with a one-touch rule, meaning that the player must return the ball straight away. As you get better, you can increase the distance between you and your teammate.

Most soccer games are not high-scoring events, so the ability to score makes a player extremely valuable to the team. Practice shooting past a goalie and other defenders to develop your ability to get shots on target.
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The Basic Soccer Drills
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