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 When to buy gold jewelry and when to buy titanium jewelry

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When to buy gold jewelry and when to buy titanium jewelry

Higher carat Gold jewelry is suitable in just about every application because it retains is shine and appearance with relatively little maintenance. Gold jewelry will also fade in color over time.
Buying Silver Jewelry

Pure silver is too soft to be used in jewelry. Pure silver will also tarnish very quickly requiring a lot of maintenance. Silver is usually available as 92.5% pure silver alloy referred to as sterling silver. Other metals are added to improve strength, luster and reduce tarnishing.
When to buy silver jewelry

The oils in your skin, moisture in the air and other factors contribute to tarnish. If you live in a particularly humid climate you may be wise to purchase other metals like gold. Sterling silver jewelry is best purchased for occasional use. Sterling silver will also fade over time although some prefer the aged and vintage appearance of older sterling silver pieces.
Titanium Jewelry

Easily the strongest of all metals used in jewelry. Titanium is available in a number of colors dependent upon the anodizing process used to create the piece. Titanium is very low maintenance and robust and will outlast all other types of jewelry. Titanium is also extremely light. These reasons combine to make it very popular among new types of jewelry. Unfortunately it is still quite expensive due mostly to the processes required to produce titanium jewelry. If you want to buy very cheap jewelry you could go some
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When to buy gold jewelry and when to buy titanium jewelry
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